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The Dramatic Society for Former Pupils of Trinity School
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Anna Warnock has dominated the Wardrobe Mistress position being in charge or assisting with over 50 productions, Sheila Garnett in charge for over 20 and assisted with many more. In the later years it has been more usual for the costume department to be run by a team and Mary Holton, Anne Macdonald, Carolyn Chenery, Julia Beard, Jan Richards, Gee Rook, Carolyn Backway, Felicity Humfress, Julia Gibbs, Carol Harrington and Margaret Stockwell have all made valuable contributions. Since 1995 Sue Shimell has been responsible for some marvellous Dame costumes and of course Wiggy's range of animals deserve a mention along with her colourful Wizard of Oz costumes and imaginative fairy designs for Midsummer Night's Dream.

There have been a number of members responsible for properties, Ian Croll & Torquil Morgan in the early years, Enid Ghent, Margaret Selmes & Kate Benstead during the eighties and Eric Osborn & Paul Beard more recently Mary Holton and Sue Carter filling the position at regular intervals.


Three departments, which are equally as important as the others and get very little thanks or praise are Box Office, Front of House and Refreshments. They are the only direct contact we have with our audience and as such should be highly valued without our audience we are nothing! The Box Office was originally run by Norman Vaux, Derek Cooper & John Bartle and from 1983 to 1996 Peter & Margaret Stockwell were virtually in sole charge for over 50 productions. Paul & Julia Beard took over on their well deserved retirement since when Liz Kallend, Paul Smith, Julia Gibbs, Julia Ascott and Sheila Garnett have all taken their star turn.


In the Front of House Department we have been fortunate to have had the services of many senior members of the O.M.W.A. including Gerald Britten, Alan Swaffield, Derek Cooper, Alan Sexton, Mike Wareham, Hilary Richardson, John Benstead, Peter Stockwell & Mike Fleming . We are equally grateful to the many members who have organised and served refreshments over the 25 years. Pat Britten, Joyce Swaffield, Thelma Cooper, Rosemary Saw, Heather Sexton & Christine Wareham catering for more Christmas Shows than anyone else.


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