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Mitre Players Lighting Hire
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Several lengths (10ft and 6ft) of tri-lite truss
8 x LED (Beadlight) rechargeable music stand lights and stands
A large quantity of lights inc LEDS, Source 4s, Profiles, Fresnels, Lekos, OPTIPARS and PARcans

4x Exterior LED cans

Slimline DMX RGBA LED units - can be used as sound to light units

3 x Source 4 10deg Followspots

24 way DMX Scenesetter desk

48 way DMX Scenesetter desk

Strand Gemini Lighting Desk: DMX and D54 output

8 way DMX switch box

Many channels of DMX Dimmers

LED Moving Lights

ROBE spot AT Moving Light

Mirror Balls

UV Cannons

LED Pinspots

PAR36 Pinspots

Mains Birdies

Gobo Rotators

Cables/Adaptors/Grelcos/RCDs etc