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The Mitre Players

The Dramatic Society for Former Pupils of Trinity School
Black Comedy-White Liars
Me and My Girl
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Black Comedy - White Liars
The classic double bill by Peter Shaffer
17th to 20th April 2018 - TMWA/TSSSC Clubhouse

Paul Grace, our director writes...............


Dear Mitre Player,
I’m thrilled to say that the Mitres have finally agreed to let me direct something! After literally years of searching for the right play at the right time, I’ve got a little bit over-excited and decided to do two at once! Black Comedy and The White Liars are two one-act plays by Peter Shaffer (Equus, Amadeus, The Royal Hunt of the Sun, etc.) which are very different in style and content, but complement one another beautifully.


Black Comedy
Lovesick and desperate, sculptor Brindsley Miller has embellished his apartment with furniture and objects d’arte “borrowed” from the absent antique collector next-door, hoping to impress his fiancée’s pompous father and a wealthy art dealer. The fussy neighbour, Harold Gorringe, returns just as a blown fuse plunges the apartment into darkness and Brindsley is revealed. Unexpected guests, aging spinsters, errant phone cords, and other snares impede his frantic attempts to return the purloined items before light is restored.
For the most part, this is a straight up farce with all the doors, trists and mistaken identities you would expect. But there is a twist: it all takes place in pitch darkness. At least, it does as far as the characters are concerned – the audience can see everything that is going on.



The White Liars
Two pop singers, Frank and Tom, visit Sophie, a fortune-teller, for consultation. Frank says Tom is trying to lure away his girl; Tom says Frank's attitude rests on lies. Tom leaves Frank and reveals to Sophie the secret of his true relationship with his friend. Sophie herself reveals that her supposed high connections are lies. Lies surround the seedy trio.

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