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Moby Dick! The Musical
by Robert Longden and Hereward Kaye
The Mitre Theatre, Croydon & Minack Theatre
July and August 2010
Director: Julia Ascott
Choreographer: Helen Harman
Musical Director: Colin Warnock

Please use THIS LINK to view the photographs
Moby Sets Sail for Cornwall.

St. Godley's girls' school is financially scuppered so to raise money they put on a musical. Thus w have the cast in two roles - as staff and pupils of the school and captain and crew of the Pequod setting sail to hunt Moby Dick.

Ingenious use of gym equipment, hockey sticks for oars, hand - held toy boats, cardboard cut out sea creatures and even  a radio-controlled crab, all build the scene which pupil Caterina played by a most able Cat Coe, has envisaged for the musical she wrote, in which she becomes narrator Ishmael.
Mercurial David Elder doubles as an Alistair Sm of a headmistress and the tragic Captain Ahab who lost both his leg and manhood to Moby Dick. Discovering her hope of bearing children is gone, the Captain's wife Esta drowns herself but reappears in ghost form. Emily Smyth as Esta adds much to the musicality of the show particularly in A Man Happens, her pop  number sung with the backing group the Whalers.
The serious theme of the show is treated with much comedy and current references to TV shows and adverts and the pace of the show never lets up.
Olivia Beckwith turns first mate as Starbuck assisted by Fiona Robertson as second mate Stubb, both excellent singers.
Kelly Bennett in a fantastic costume as Queequeg the cannibal is a commanding presence on board, foretelling disaster in song with Bones.
Alan Geeson adds both comedy and pathos as the piglet-cuddling Pip and Colin Warnock briefly deserts his keyboard to preach as Father Mapple.
Full of energy and powerful singing, plaudits go to tireless director Julia Ascott and assistant and choreographer Helen Harman.

.    Croydon Advertiser.   August 2010



Fraser Macdonald

Caretaker:   Elijah, Loony sailor


Ian Brown

Security Guard:  Flask, Harpooner


Charles Marriott

Groundsman:  Pierre, Ship’s carpenter


Cat Coe

Caterina Cutesy:  Ishmael, Narrator


Alan Geeson

Security Guard:  Pip, Cabin Boy


Kelly Bennett

Kalotta Braveman:  Queequeg,  Southsea Cannibal


Olivia Beckwith

Ophelia Belter:  Starbuck, Nantucket Quaker


Fiona Robertson

Fenella Raunch:  Stubb, Second Mate


Elaine Hartley

Eloisa Heaven:  Tashtego, Harpooner


Lucy Thompson

Lucinda Taptoe:  Mary, Starbuck’s wife


Ciara Daly

Celina Dainty:  Company


Anna Frost

Anastasia Friendly:  Company


Colin Warnock

Music Master: Father Mapple/Captain Gardiner


Emily Smyth

Elsa Smolders:  Esta, Ahab’s Wife


Mark Curtis

Fifi Higginbottom:  Coffin, Harpooner


Greg Elder

Natasha Danvers:  Daggoo, Harpooner


Mary Holton

Mrs Mash:  Company


David Elder

Headmistress:  Captain Ahab